Best front tire

I am new to TT and to dirt bikes (12 year lay off). I have recieved great info on my first 4-stroke. The big WR does not turn great(could it be my riding?)I have read about some of the fixes but cost is a factor. What should you expect to pay for gas tank and seat combo? I ride in N.E. Washington with semi hard packed, what would be the best front tire.<ul type="square">02 WR426 ALL FREE MODS BARK BUSTERS, RAISED FORKS 10MM,01 POLARIS SCRAMBLER 500 H.O. 4X4 STOCK,01 POLARIS 800 RMK 151" LOTS OF MODS,97 YAMAHA WAVE RUNNER GP 1200,95 SEA RAY 250 SUNDANCER,72 CHEV BLAZER LOTS OF MODS

Ive found the best tire for me in slick conditions is the Dunlop 756. What exactly is semi-hardpack? The stock 739 should do for that. It sounds like loose stuff to me, so I would definetly recommend the 756 or 755's up there. I bet you get alot of wet conditions up there, so go with a good soft terrain tire.

I paid $200 for a like new tank/seat from a TT member here. They make an incredible difference on the bike.

Stock 739 front Suck! 756 front work well for just about everything for me so far..


Thanks for the replys. I here alot of good things about the Dunlop 756. What is a good price! I like to buy from my local dealer but I don't want to pay to much.

I have been a diehard D756 user for a long time, However since experiencing the tractability and stabil Michelin M12 Front and S12 (140/80/18) Rear, I'm changing camps. Places where my 756 would break traction and slide all over the place the S12 hooked up and kept on strokin....Plus the S12 has much more meat on the bone.

At $53.00 for the Front and $59.00 for the rear they are a steal.

Bonzai :)

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739 works fine in rocky/semi-hardpack....

Try the MT44 front and the S12 rear. That combo rocks. Hooks up like you wouldn't believe. :)

Paul, Me too my brother!!!!! I love the MT44!!! That tire just grabs and grabs!!!! It's my favorite front tire. Have you tried the rear MT16? I like it but it's not as good as the front tire. I use the 739AT on the rear.

Also the Bridgestone 601 on the front is a really good tire and the one im running right now because I can get them for about 45 bucks (about 20 bucks cheaper than the Pirelli).


DL :)

I'm running the Bridgestone 601/602 combo on the two stroke. Work good too in intermediate stuff.

But,..... new tires always work better than worn tires.

Give me a new ChenShing 755 over a worn Dunlop 756 anyday....

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Dan, I haven't tried the 16. I was using the 756 rear then when I changed tires on the Katoom I put the S12 on the rear. WOW! Does that tire hook! 44 front S12 rear bites hard! :)

rocky mountian is a ton cheaper bro. Just check them out.

i a on vacation. I am on travis Air force base right now. We have been doing lemon drops Lemon drops all night. Drung as

talk to you later guys.



Do you recommend the 140 for the rear? I'm in the market for a new rear and MXTUNER made that recommendation to me when he did my forks. Just thought I would get youor 2 cents.


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