2007 450F AP Mod

After reading many of the AP Mod threads my question is, by doing this mod without doing a bunch of other Mods is this something that will make a noticeable difference? I know seat of the pants is subjective ,and dynos don't always relate to rideability. Biggest part of my riding is trails with some moto thrown in. 51T sprocket and 9oz GYTR flywheel are my only other mods.

Do you have a problem with poor throttle response as it is?

Well,it seems like it's reasonably good. If there is something out there that costs me as little as 1 O-ring and very little time I am more than willing to give it a shot, that is if all who have tried it feel it's a worthwhile mod.

I have done no AP mods, and I feel no need to do any. Both my bikes run fine, and if you don't have a problem to cure, I wouldn't mess with it.

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