01 yz 426 issues please help

the past few days my bike has been giving me a bunch of trouble starting, and the chains gets tight and loose, chain will be how it should sit normal, and if you roll the bike forward the chain tightens rite up. this chain is only a week old. i spin the rear tire with out the chain on there and everything appears to look normal and good. the shaft coming out of the motor looks feels fine, only thing i noticed is i pulled the cover off that is behind the front sprorket and there was a small amount of oil on it. could this seal be bad? and the shaft is almost "free floating? in there? second the starting issue it would always start first kick when cold, now this has happened twice now in the past 3 days the kick starter you can not kick the bike over. then once you get it to move the bike wont start, kick and kick and kick, and gas will just keep pouring out of the carb. i have also checked the oil and there is no signs of metal. drained it and checked it. any input would be great. i am going to really go over things in the morning. thanks.

For your chain problem, check the chain guide. If it's bent, it will try to force the chain up off the sprocket, causing the chain to tighten (the efective diameter of the rear sprocket is increasing as the chain is forced up the teeth).

As far as the starting, if you have gas pissing out the overflow tube, your needle valve is likely stuck open. Take the carb apart and clean it our good. Make sure the rubber tip onthe end of the float needle is there and not worn, and make sure the floats are not cracked or broken.

had gas pissing out my 426 over flow whenever fuel tap was on, theres a rubber o ring around the needle valve seat in the float bowl be warned the philips screw holding the brass seat in can be a reall problem to get out had to freeze mine with dry ice to get it out .can get o ring from hardware store cheers Dave

chain prob fixed, now working on the gas issue/starting issue.

did ya fix the gas problem ??

not yet i have been busy.

When I got my 426 the last guy didn't ride it much and I had the same leaky needle valve problem. What I figured out was to leave the gas off until I got it started and whenever I stoped. After a couple rides it stoped leaking for me.

did ya fix it ? mine starts so much better now , just finished puting a radiator overflow bottle onto it just in case, we do a lot of slow speed tight stuff so put it on as a precaution

ok 4 the gas problem CLEAN THE CARB check the needle and the needle seet there maybe debris in the keeping the needlefrom moving do not unscrew the yellow screws or the non tamper hex heads if u do and mess up the seal u might as well get a new carb and the starting problen with the kicker

buy a new kicker shaft ur is simply worn out if u dont buy a new one you willl end up with metal shreds in ur oil and dont ride it untill u get it fixed!!!

let me know how things work out


"You", "your", please. :thumbsup:

i have changed the oil 3 times now and havnt found any shavings in there.

did you fix the fuel leak what was it ?

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