2000 wr 420

Just finished rebuild of my 2000 wr400 heres the list of what I did

Wheel bearings

Water pump shaft, seals and bearing (old one was grooved and water was leaking into the crank case)

2004 swing arm(old one had seized bearings and 2004 part was a cheap score on ebay-half the price of replacing bearings, looks better brushed alloy instead of silver paint, an easy retro fit)

2002 yz 250 rear brake(from what i could see it is identical to the original)

2007 front disc(ebay)

Brake pads(ebay)

Fotk seals(ebay)

2006 model radiators ( again cheap score on ebay and again half price of original part, a hard retro fit, needed to fab alloy plates that fit the old mounts, and also lost some steering lock as they sit more forward that the original radiators, but work well and again I saved good $$$)

SFB racing clutch cover (ebay again half price- gotta love it!)

Pro taper bars (dare i say it ebay)

Gripper seat cover

Chain and sprockets

New throttle

New exhaust valve springs

Wrapped the exaust in glass bandage(we use it were i work)

Maxxis sand/mud rear and dunlop d773f front

420 big bore kit and wiseco 12.1 piston(Lukes racing in PA, great kit, great service and a lot cheaper than here in OZ)

The bike already had a Stain tune exhaust

I set up the engine with the yz timming as posted here on TT

The bike was not running when i bought it and all up has cost me $3000 Australian, The bargains i grabbed of ebay saved me at least $1000 and doing the work myself another $1000. I have just finished break in and it seems to be quite a good thing.

Luckily for me I have a very very understanding and patient wife as i put at least 100 hours into thisBudget project and spent many many nights searching these forums for info and advice, cheers to all at TT. It isnt pretty but it was cheap lol

Ps. Does any one out there have an idea of how to jet this thing now, I live at sea level 25 degrees c to 40 temp range and the humidity is less than 20% and ride in very sandy dusty conditions. Cheers

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