Mounting the WR starter

Hey guys,

I've got an 05 wr 450. I replaced the starter and my problem is that I can't get the splined starter shaft to mesh with the teeth on the torque limiter. I have tried several times to remove and install the the side cover to get a perfect fit.

Just wondering if there is a trick or procedure that I can do to get the starter and torque limiter to mesh.

thanks in advance,


I had the same problem.....are you using a new gasket, is the starter brand new or did you just rebuild it, is you limiter gear wore funny from the starter motor turning when it is not suppose to...

I had my starter gear go and it wore my teeth on the limiter in a funny way because the starter would not kick out when the bike was running...i replaced the limiter and ( new starter) found on ebay for 5 bucks like new....runs top now...

another thing did you keep the bolts loose on the starter and then tighten them last after the side cover was mounted ...the starter seems like it can be moved a couple of mills when kept loose and the retightened...

hope this helps....


Thanks Whacker,

The starter is new along with the gasket. I will try to loosen the starter and tighten it last.

It just seems that the starter needs to be moved forward a bit to mesh with the torque limiter.


Install the motor but don't install the bolts, push the starter into the torque limiter. It probably wont line up to the starter motor bolt holes so slowly pull the starter motor back from the torque limiter until the bolts line up then tighten them up. You'll have no drama then.

It gave me the shits trying to remove the 8mm bolt from the starter relay to the top of the starter motor though.............

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