Wheel bearings

Can anyone tell me the ID and OD and width of the front wheel bearings and back wheel bearings.

thank for the info.

on what???

on what???

08 450

The bearing ID's are 20 and 22mm, but I don't know the OD's off the top of my head.

Front - 6904-2RS - 20mm ID x 37mm OD x 9mm

Right Rear - 60/22-2RS - 22mm ID x 44mm OD x 12mm

Left Rear - 62/22-2RS - 22mm ID x 50mm OD x 14mm

I'm not certain these will fit the 08, but as long as nothing has changed since 06, they should.

... as long as nothing has changed since 06, ...

Nothing has.

Thanks guys:applause:

Go to a bearing house and get a sealed bearing for about $5...lasts much longer and is usually cheaper to boot. I know that the fronts are available but i doubt the rears are.

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