Next Summer TT East-Coast Ride

I have a special guest for the next TT East Coast Ride. I work with the 3 time National"Sportsman" class, Trials Champion, Mike Hudleston. He wants to attend our next ride and join in on the fun and give a little demo on the art of trials.

I'm sure we can whoop his butt on the trails, but he wants to play follow the leader! :D

Anyone willing to donate a car to jump all over :):D

Where is the East coast ride? He can ride over my E 150 van as long as he dose not break any windows :Dj.

Being a moto guy. I'd like to have this years ride at Rocket Raceway. I've spoke with the owner and he said he might have some trails cut by next spring. If not, I'll be looking at Breezewood Proving Grounds. BPG has some trails and some moto tracks.

Stay tuned for more info, come spring :)


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