newbie but and oldie

hey there, first post .. great fourm i have been lurking for awhile .. i have been riding dirt bikes my whole life but have not ownerd a dirt bike in about 20 yrs. even though i have ridden many friends bike in the past and also own a harley so i am not a begginer rider by any means ...

anyway i just odered up a brand new 2007 yz450f and was wondering if there is anythng i should know or do to it right off the bat !!! i will be doing mostly off road style riding , single track , technical riding .. i will be doing practice races at our local track once in awhile ..

i am 6-1 200#'s an intermediate rider but wanna start taking my riding to the next level .. (even though i am 38 yrs old 8o( )

oh whats your guys thoughts on a GYTR™ Off-Road Flywheel ???

any info would be great or any tips ..


The flywheel is a great improvement. You will also do well to change the bars at your height:

Otherwise, buy a high quality chain NOW, before the piece of trash the bike comes with destroys two otherwise usable sprockets, and get a front tire suitable for the soils in your area. The one it comes with is suited only for extremely hard soils.

hey there, thanks for the great info ... what chain do you recommend ??

The Regina ORN6. It's a solid, two year chain.

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