new member, new bike

Hello everyone,

I am new to your sight, and really enjoying it so far. I recently made the switch from the austrian based 2006 ktm 450 to a new 2007 yz450f.

We are having a ton of rain here in Wisconsin so i have not had a chance to ride this thing at all:crazy: Being new to the jap bikes my concern is, I am hearing a lot of bashing on the handling traits on this particular model. Some have told me that cif i am coming off a ktm then turning should be great in comparrison, whaty do you think?

While waiting for the flooding to slow i have done some upgrades to include,

asv levers, wb aluminum pro full system, black excel rims, blue tallon hubs,boysen quick shot, pro circuit holeshot device. what elce can i do to improve my ride as far as handling?

Oh ya i am a 38 year old vet b rider, also race 250b

If I were you, I would just ride it awhile to see if there's anything that needs to be changed. I too came off a KTM and the switch to the Yamaha was very smooth. As far as riding, if you are anywhere close to Chilton Wis there is a great track there called Gravity Park. I was there last Saturday and the track was in perfect shape. Check out their website at

> Move the forks up in the clamps 5mm (first line), and run the sag at 95-97

> Move your bars up 5-10mm and forward 10-15mm (or more) (will need new bars and/or mounts/clamps)

> Move forward on the bike in the turns.

Hey thanks a lot for the fast replies and great info guys.

by the way Kain522 I have been to gravity park in chilton, it is a prety good hike from here in Janesville wi. but worth the trip. I am suprised that the track was in good shape last weekend, they must not have got near the rain that we did. I will have to check it out, thanks again.

Whats going on grayracer513, I will definately change my sag. Also when you say that i may have to change my clamps what would you reccomend? I got a upper clamp with the bike it is a rubber mounted pro taper unit with adjustable offset the reason i did not put them on is because tht are set up for 7/8 bars. I will try everything elce that you suggested, again thanks for the help.

You may be able to buy alternate bar clamps for the PT top clamp to accept fat bars. I would think that would be the most economical solution in your case. Otherwise, use whatever top clamp appeals to you. Bear in mind that in some cases, as was true for me, this can be accomplished just with handlebars alone.

There has been a lot of discussion of clamp offset (as opposed to handlebar position) for the '06 and '07 YZF, but the consensus seems to be that the '08 doesn't need them. I'd try other thing before dropping $400 on the "problem".

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