Peetz, CO Race this Sunday

I was thinkin about doing this race. It will be my first race. Has anyone ridden the area? What's it like? I've ridden in Rampart, Divide, Pueblo and Captain Jacks. Is it like any of these places? Are there big jumps?

Tight woods are no problem for me but I have not tried any jumps larger than a few feet.

Also, what is this Special Test stuff all about?

Any help would be much appreciated.



This race is a 20 mile loop set up with a 3 mile or so special test at the end. The loop is set at a very easy speed average. The special test at the end is as fast as you can go through it. The time it takes you to go through it is your score. C riders will run this 2 times. A/B riders ride it 2 times then they start the 3rd loop, the same thing, but the whole loop is as fast as you can go. There is usually plenty of time in between loops to rest, refuel, and get ready for the next one. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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