Feeler Gauges YZF 450

Anyone know if I am going to need tapered feeler gauges to check my valves on a 08 YZF 450? All mine are 1/2" flat and angled blades. Will the 1/2" fit? Also, there is quite a lot of room for play with the Yamies, so I am going to shoot for the middle (i.e. intake .010-.015 so I am going to shoot for .013). Dang Honda's only give you .001 each way!


The standard automotive gauges will fit easily, but you're mixing units with your valve specs. The YZ450 calls for .10-.15mm on the intakes, not .010-.015", and the exhausts are .20-.25mm. This is roughly .004-.006", and .008-.010", respectively, so the spec is just as critical as the CRF. The difference with the YZ is that you won't need to adjust them often, if ever.

Automotive feeler gauges usually have both standard and metric numbers on the feeler gauge. Like grey said "roughly". They are close, very close. Good Luck!!!

Sorry about the thousandths thing, I just got them mixed up. Before I check this I'll have the manual in my hand.:thumbsup:

Oh yeah, thanks for the help, now I'm ready to check them. I didn't want to open it up and find out I needed to go find some narrow feeler gauges. First time on the new 08, if they are within were ready to go!

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