Anyone else break a rear axle on an 08 YZ450F?

Today was looking to be a great day to ride. Until my rear axle broke! I have never seen an axle break like this. It broke about two inches down the shaft. The hub is fine, the rim is fine, sprocket and rear disc all seem to be fine.

I was just starting to get warmed up and hit a decent size table top and when I landed I head a loud CLANG. I immediately let off the gas and started coasting. I looked down and saw my chain dangling and thought at first I threw a chain. Then I noticed the wheel was sitting cockeyed. So I stopped to inspect it better. My first thought was the axle nut came loose and my axle backed out. I looked to the other side and "nope" the nut was still on the axle, but the flange on the other side was no longer there. I looked in the hub and you could see the axle just snapped in two.

Anyone else have this problem????? I'm going to call my Yamaha dealer on Tuesday and see if they've seen this before. Atleast I didn't crash and the damage was limited to the axle and the dust seal for the rear wheel bearings. Glad I've been saving my YZ bucks.

Was your chain too tight? While it normally breaks the hub, a tight chain can also break axles in certain cases.

Actually if anything it was on the loose side. I've read of several cases where the chain being too tight had cased the hubs on the YZ's to crack and break. So I've been cautious about not tightening it too much. Thanks for the insight though.

You're probably not the first to have this happen, the 09 will have a larger rear axle, coincidence ?

YZ's, YZF's, and WR's have used the same 22mm axle size since 1999, and have never been known to break axles as a regular thing.

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