yz to wr

I am trying to figure out how to convert my yz to a wr. I have installed hotcams which made the power similar to a wr450. I want to add a headlight and get the gearing to wr, my sprocket are 14 and 52, does anyone know if my yz stator will power a headlight and what sprockets might get me to wr gearing?

Thanks for any help

no your stator will not power a head light . I think there is aftermarket replacement that will . and the wr gearbox it totally different then a yz .so there is no one spocket to do the job . what gear are you trying to match high or low . a wr has a wide ratio gearbox a yz has a tight ratio box

What year is your YZF?

it is a 98 yz400, I want a lower ratio, I ride my friends 04 wr 450, his second gear is about what my 1st gear is.

Why not just buy a WR a good used bike should cost about the same when you figure in parts and your labor. Even when you do the work your self there is a value on you time as well as any shop time

The YZ400 can utilize the WR400 stator IF you also use the WR flywheel with it. However, since the stator is internally wired differently, you also have to rewire the YZ stator for compatibility with the YZ CDI, or use the CDI from the WR as well.

With gearing, you can go to something on the order of 13/51 and that will help, but you'll give up quite a bit of top and cruising speed.

I'm fairly sure the CDI's from '98-'02 YZ-F's and WR's are all interchangeable, so you should be able to just get a WR stator and flywheel. If you want a powerful one get one from an '01-'02, they put out about 130W, the '98-'00 ones are only about 80W.

In checking the manuals for the '01, you appear to be right, although the WR stator is wound differently. The CDI's have the same connectors, and are pinned out the same. and the WR stator amounts to a YZ stator with another coil set wound in. The 450's are the ones that are seriously different.

Yeah the WR stator is wound differently but the CDI's are interchangeable. And I think the CDI's of later model (up to '06 or maybe later) YZ450's also work, they are pinned out differently but all the wires and electrical tests are the same. I've got a Vortex X10 on my WR426 and it has the same map program as the '03-'05 YZ450 according to the chart it came with, so they're possibly the same CDI just with different connectors.

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