Wanted to make a quick post on my layman observations of needle trial,and pose a question.

2002 WR426 Canadian




P/S-1.5 Turns Out

All Air Jets Stock

Air Box Baffle Removed & 4 Holes 1inch

in diameter,stock Euro exhaust,94 Octane

Sunoco Unleaded,Fresh CR8E Plug.Stock AP Setup

At or Near Sea Level Temp 60Farenheit

Stock machine ran great,roll on throttle wheelies in 2nd & 3rd gear.OBDQR needle pulled great mid to 3/4 throttle.I liked it!!!BBUUUUTTT!!!!!

I'm curious so I bought a OBELN & OBEKN I know,I know they are a half a clip apart,like I said I'm curious!!!Trying to get this machine to run better with stock exhaust configuration.

Trial #1 Note:Main & Pilot Never Change,just needle & PS Setting.

OBELN-Clip 3 PS 1.0 Turn

Holy Crap!!!!!!Gobs of power down low a tractor.but it did'nt seem to follow through all the way.IMHO you might want this for offroad,single track.Did not match the midrange of OBDQR.Albeit a good choice to shift power/torque down low.

Trial #2 OBEKN-Clip 4 PS 1.25 Turns

A shift of power!!more like stock but seems too rich in the middle,struggling against backpressure of Euro exhaust,but more tractable,gone are the roll-on wheelies,IMHO too rich.

Now the question I pose to myself and fellow TTer's WHAT to do.I may consider dropping the Needle on the OBEKN to see what happens.What is the difference between OBEKN-2nd clip & OBDQR 4th clip?I would like to know.Is there more POWER to be found in the middle?OR did Yamaha get in right with this bike?A fellow rider rode this bike and swore to me it ran better than a U.S.model WR400 with throttle stop/air box/exhaust plug out.Go Figure.Anyhow I suck at typing so I'm done.Any similar experiences/comments with these Canadian WR 426's would be appreciated.

Oh P.S.-520 EXC rider rode this bike in stock configuration and commented "This thing snaps like a two-stroke!"

OBEKN on Clip #3 is EXPLOSIVE.....

Bonzai :)

Yamakazie,Have you ridden a Canadian WR426?You have a WR400.Differences in Carb? I just don't feel what everyone else is talking about.Stock needle OBDQR C-4 is explosive to me.OBEKN C-3 seems subdued.Are the 02 WR426's (Canadian)that different?Just a thought.

Try the EKN#4 or ELN#4 with a smaller main jet- #158 or #160.

The exhaust may be keeping it rich on top and the Exx needles need smaller main jets than Dxx needles because the smaller(E) needle tip lets fuel pass more easily. The richer clip position (#4) is used to balance the smaller main jet in the middle. An open exhaust YZ426 will use ~ELN#5 (EJP#4) with a #162 main.

James Dean, Thanks I will try a leaner main.In your opinion can my current configuration be improved upon?(Stock Jetting)How "spot on" can it be? :)

This post looks like it's gunna go on for ever, however,OBELN cli #3 works best with yz timing, the timing seems to carry on from were the needle flattens out,158mj is required.

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What about pilot jets w/the ELN..I am running an 01'yz426, midwest(KCMO temps hovering in the low-mid 70's. I have a 40pilot, clip 3 on the ELN and 162main and BK modded. I am thinking of trying a 38pilot even? Will I get better response w/clip 5 per Mr. Dean or by swapping to a lower main..say 158mj? Currently, it does jump harder than stock in the midrange, but seems to lose the hard pull in the upper revs. This is a good thread, lets keep the info rolling...Jason

you're running lean on the MJ. go up to a 165 or even a 168 MJ.

the reason some are running leaner here is due to high altitude

to silencers

or to running the #160MAJ

if you go to 168 i think you'll be fine. drop the needle at the same time to keep that sharp midrange.

i'd recommend the 38PJ as long as you go to #60PAJ.


[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: Taffy ]

Sorry I have'nt posted back.Ran out of time to try the leaner main/richer clip.Going on vacation.My main objective was to try to improve the stock bike by jetting alone,I'll let you guys know when I test again,Thanks again for all responses.Garry check your P.M.

Sorry Garry thought you had a YZ just re-read your old post My mistake :)

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Taffy..I'm at 800-1000ft above sea level here in KC, which of your remarks were aimed at my post? I am guessing the larger main jet info...I have a 165 and 168 main, and should try clip 2 if moving up on the main? Right now the bike is sharp and pulls nicely, just if already in the revs, opening fully pulls kind of blandly. Thank you kindly for the data.

for you KC jason


Sorry to disappoint Taffy, but I yanked that needle out of there...I am not the patient type w/this testing stuff. My delima, yesterday we had high humidity and rains, temps mid 70's. I rode my bike w/the 40p/ELN#3/162mj combo on Saturday, started 2nd kick, my bud rode it Sunday, started 1st kick...now yesterday, two plugs and a gozillion kicks later w/no fire! I pulled the FIRST plug after 10-15 kicks, it was dry, tried a priming blip or two, 5 more kicks, plug was wet..my guess is the PAJ isn't correct and made my mixture off at starting w/the humidity..I am just not fond of that kind of temperment so I switched back to my EJP...

If I decide to try the ELn again, w/40p..would the 75PAJ make the starting issue less of a roadblock w/small temp/humidity changes??? I was just made changed it back to the way it was...let me know what you think on this..much calmer today so I could be tempted for more testing :)

BTW, the bike never started(2plugs) yesterday w/the ELN needle in there. Jason

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we are both fluent but sadly at two different languages. what the blinkin 'ek did you say?


i would think that if you go to the 75PAJ and the 40PJ and then go to 1.5-2 turns out on the PS you'll be ther. the ELN is still a good needle.

try 158MJ and needle on c4 (half way)

to recap

158 MJ

ELN clip 4


PS 1-2 turns


What Jason is trying to get across is his cold start problem. He was wanting to know if going to the 75PAJ might help. He believes that the 100PAJ that he has installed with this set up is allowing to much air for the amount of fuel at start up. Causing a very lean start mixture.

40PJ, 100PAJ, ELN @ #3clip.

He is thinking about going to

38PJ, 75PAJ, ELN @ #3clip.

This is a cold start issue that he is addressing, hopefully this interpretation will work.

kc husky

Thanks Taffy, I rode w/my stock jetting this past weekend, just didn't feel the same,seemed slow revving and sluggish, that ELN is really a good booster..that tough cold starting(tickover) just threw me..Thanks Pat(KC Husky) for the translation earlier..hehe

I will order the 75PAJ today and hopefully get to try it out soon. Any other needles worth trying, granted I am sold on the ELN, just wondering what else may work good w/the YZ426. Thanks a bunch and I will report my findings.. :)

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