throttle cable problems

My throttle doesn't return back to the correct position. I removed the cover off of the carb and see that theres's two cables, one to turn the throttle (bottom) and one to return things back to their normal position.

i assuming that they both work together. But when I turn the throttle, the top cable on the carb has some slack and doen't push in to the cable sheath like it should.

Is there an adjustment I can do or are new cables needed. I tried with no luck to lube the cables.

There is an adjuster that is covered in a black sleeve on the opening cable, its about 5" away from the throttle, should be no drama to undo it and tighten out the slack.

You might want to lube the cables and clean and re-lube the throttle tube. The new issue of DIRT RIDER has a good "how to" on controls.... do yourself the favor and go buy it.


try the adjustment, but i found that cleaning out the throttle body helped out a lot. also, take apart the throttle body and check the top of the cables. the plastic sheathing at the top of the cables had broken.

new cable fixed it. a motion pro replacement was cheap.

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