Blinkers - any truly durable ones?

Both of our bikes - '99 WR400 & '92 XR250R - are dual sported with Baja Designs kits. So far the blinkers have been reasonably durable - only broken a couple.

Have any of you found better versions? Anybody tried the little flexy ones from Summers Racing? I'm not worried about DOT approved - the blinkers would only be one of the violations :)


Brian, I used to own a Kawasaki KLR250, dual sport stock. The turn signals on this bike were awesome-flexible and NEVER broke one. This was my first bike in about 15 years, so I fell a lot! They received quite a bit of abuse during the 2 years I had it, complete with scrapes, scratches, rock hits, mud basking, powerwashes, and the like. No broken stems, lenses, or bulbs and no leaks. Impressive.

The downside is they stick out further than what I would like- about 6 inches.

Just my $.02

I mounted my front blinkers on the top triple clamp bolt so they are pretty well hidden behing my bark busters. For the rear I used floush mount blinkers from Baja Designs. They only stick out about 3/4 of an inch.


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...ter dope trun...?

Thats (teardrop) dam key broadssssssssss

...key broad...?

Don't talk bout wimmin like that.

Brian go to cycle gear and get the ter dope trun lamps they mount flush on the rear fender and only cost 13.95 i have had them on my bikes(wifes)and she can't brake them.


Nope! :)

Hey Dorf, It's not nice to tease people, especially a friend of mine.

Mike, does that mean we can tease you but not Kevin?


Bring it brother!..... :)

Summer Racing makes some trick flexible turn signals that work well. And you can buy the replacement lenses. I use these on the rear only. Have lost a couple of lenses, now i safety wire them on. Presto, no more lost lenses. So far I have never done major damage to a front turn signal, YET!

These have been on my WR now for 2 years, I don't know if SRC still carries them.

I put a Baja Designs kit on my '01-WR426,

but I did not mount the rear blinkers directly to the fender. Instead, I bought FLIP-LITES from First Trails. They are folding(retractable) brackets made of light-weight aluminium. You can contact Tom Evans at First Trails P.O. BOX 3884

Big Bear Lake, CA. 92315



I bought a set three years ago for my XR600 for about $25.00. I sold the XR in nov.'00 and bought an '01-WR426. After three years and many get-offs, the flip-lite brackets have held up nicely. They tuck in, out of the way when you're off road. Then flip out, into street legal position while you're on the street.

p.s. Tom also rides a WR426. Call him, you'll be glad you did.


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