KDX For Sale

OK, This is probably not the best place to put this but my blood turned blue (01 WR 426) and I now need to sell my 00' KDX 220, ridden about a summer, I have put an FMF pipe and silencer, Boyseen Reeds, One Industries graphics, Dunlop 755 front and 739 rear tires, o-ring chain, orginial sprockets, and heavier weight fork springs. Bike has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition. Asking $2600 bike is located in Virginia, pictures available on request brian@swvaol.com

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Blue,Maybe you should ask more?????Sold my 1991 KDX-250 Clean,piped,reeds etc.etc.First guy bought it.Put his hand on the seat and without even starting it said,"I'll take it"

1900.00 Just a thought.Gotta Love That 4-Stroke ENJOY!!!!!!!! :):D:D:D:D

Thanks RSA but I just need to get rid of it because my wife is telling me that I have toooooo many toys. Along with the blue and the green I have an ATV, Backhoe, my truck, and my computer. I guess she is wright, it will just give me more time for Ol Blue.....

How about if you keep the KDX and I give you $2600 for the backhoe. I have no real need for one but MAN I want one...

Thanks Ted but I think I will hang on to the backhoe, that is one toy that I can tear the trees down that gives me fits when I am on ol blue! LOL

[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: blue_warrior ]

Man, I wish I had a back hoe.....

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