Reccommendation for plastic in cold weather

I just bought an Acerbis plastic kit for my bike. Not even a month old, I rode last weekend for the first really cold ride of the year. I managed to brake both radiator shrouds clean off just from catching branches and saplings. I never had this problem before with stock or ufo plastic. Was this a coincidence or is Acerbis plastic cheap? (Glad I didn't put graphics on yet.)

It must have been extreamely cold where you were riding. I have used Acerbis plastic for years with no problems. Keep in mind that frozen plastic (no matter what the brand) breaks as easy as glass. The best advise is to be careful and don't crash as much when the temps are down around freezing. Thats one of the reasons I preheat my bike inside my race trailer before winter races......Even doing that I occaisionally will break a radiator guard.

Roost On.....

Bonzai :)

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