YZ plastics on the WR?

Hey guys I am pretty new to the WR scene, having just bought my '01 about 2 weeks ago. I am looking for new plastics since the bike I bought is cracked up pretty good, and the selection for plastics WR's isnt too huge, while there is a lot out there for the YZ's...are the plastics interchangeable for these bikes?? Can I get away with buying YZ plastics and expect them to fit on my bike?

I want to go all black if possible and have found enough YZ parts to do it, but just want to make sure they will fit.


If you are getting plastics for the years 98 to 02, they will fit, however, slight variables to be aware of:

1. Front fender - no issues - direct bolt on

2. Rear fender - you will need to cut/dremel off a section of the new fender at the bottom end of it to allow for the exhaust to fit - total time = 1 minute.

3. Side plates - left side - cut off small pieces of the plastic trim on backside - can pinch your overflow hose - just trim it to look like the one you're removing.

4. Front - I'd go with a UFO or similar headlight unit over a number plate - I think the number plate runs into issues with the odometer mounting.

5. shrouds - some have an angled mounting slot at the bottom front, others a flat one - having the angled while mounting on flat still works though. I would presume the reverse is also true.

Yeah you shouldn't have any problems. Like Matt said, small mod to left side panel and rear fender. I've got black side panels and shrouds on my bike, works fine for me :thumbsup:.


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