Yellowstone poll on MSNBC--Please vote!

Just noticed this poll on MSNBC about sledding in Yellowstone. A new lawsuit seeks Clinton Era Ban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please vote to support your fellow OHV'ers. Click Here.

Thanks to all.

C'mon guys, this thing is getting pounded! This will effect us all in the long run. Go to the link above and vote. Let them know we are here. Snow riders are no different than us!


Lets show them that we own our parks and forests. Go vote.

I voted yes of course. And not just because I want Freezer to take me sledding this winter with Jake! :)

Come on and vote! The no's are ahead (supporting Clinton's ban on snowmobiles).

I voted. Thanks for posting.


Great post! GO VOTE!!! We are down by @ 10%... MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

I voted, grew up in MT my whole life sledding and riding bikes. I just hope Gore never gets into office we'll all be screwed.. He'll limit it to 10 riders a day. Man I sure miss riding snowmobiles.. Thank god i'll be back in god's country in a few more yrs..

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