What jets did you get with your bike?

I just wonder which is on the bike from the shop?

i got 160 and 170 main jet and 38 pilot in the package that follow`d the bike. so i just wondered what acctualy is on the bike now?

and if it`s correct for altitude:0-700m (sea level) temparature: 0-25cellsius

my bike is `02 wr426 the same as canadian(no trottle stop and so on....

(pardon my bad english...)


A 38 pilot, 160 main and a 170 main came with mine. The stock jets in my bike were a 165 main and a 42 pilot.

ok. same as mine.

but i still wonder if my set up is correct(this is my first fourstroker ever)165main jet and 42 pilot.the bike is stock. it idles very nice and has alot of power at low rpm but is weaker at high rpm. maybe it`s normal? : :)

it`s hard keeping the front wheel down while accelerating hard (from low rpm)even in 4 gear

altitude:0-1600 ft max 2000ft

temparature: 32- 77 fahrenheit

norway is quite long up north... where i live it`s

about 30 to 60%humidity.

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