wierd kick starter feeling

my 08 yz450f kickstarter feels like there is no compretion sometimes.

being that this is my first 4 stroke, is that a normal thing.

usually it will start good, but sometimes when i try to kick it, it will kick on "empty" like 3-5 times. what do you guys think? is it normal?

It could be due to carbon on a valve stem causing that valve to stick slightly open.

It could also be a tight valve. Check your clearances.

i did, and they'r in specs.

so its not normal, is it

I had a weird kick starter feeling, turned out the screw fell out and the kick was very loose, nothing a new bolt couldnt fix though. Might not be your problem, but its worth a look

i dont have the bike with me at the moment, but i'll check.

but i really dont think that thats the problem, becuase it only kickes like that like 1-5 times, and then its fine, and most of the time its all good no problam at all.

I have experienced a similar problem on 04 and 05 yz450's. Both bikes did it on and off for almost a year until I sold them, never had a problem with either bike. Not that this is a normal problem, but maybe my experince will put you at ease a little bit???

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