lets see how these jets work out.

ok, just ordered all my stuff. i have a 2000 wr400 with yz timing, air box lid gone, and full White brothers promeg system. i got 160 mj, 160 maj, 45 paj, 35 pj, and the emm needle. i want to do this right the first time. anybody see problems wit hthis, please tell me before i get it done. its getting hot in so cal and ridding time will get very small soon. plus i a working on getting an internship at KTM sport in san diego. anyways, tell me i did this right.


looks good to me. what is your APJ squirt?


what is apj????

never mind, i had a brain fart. i have not touched the apj. from what i read the bk mod sounds like something i would mess up. i will see how the bike runs with the new jets and if the bog is there really bad i will do something about it later. does anyone know how my bike will run with out the bk mod. anyone, anyone anyone


I am running close to your settings.



emm c3



yz timing, stock exhaust with stroker tip, and all the other free stuff.

I have not done the BK mod or even looked at the duration of the squirt, But you will be amazed at the difference in power.

I had a little bog but was able to adjust the fuel screw to get rid of it.

I am a little concerned about the white plug reading but Taffy says not to worry. I may go back to the 160mj.


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