electricial gremlins, very long post

I'm having some electricial issues and am looking for some input. 2007 WR 450, recieved as Christmas gift from wife. Due to work restraints and long winter here in SW CO I have just got around to taking it out. A little background, standard mods with these additional, removed kill button, clutch safety and neutral safety( replaced switch with Dubach cover). Wiring connectors were terminated, correctly wired, soldered and covered with heat shrink. Carb rejetted,fuel screw, ect. When it does run, it runs great. The bike is 6 months old with only 5 miles on it due to this ignition problem.

I started the bike a couple times a week throughout the spring, No problem. Loaded in trailer for a break-in ride, motor cranks but won't start. I returned home and pulled the plug and installed new one. No spark, so checked all wiring connection and all is good. I checked the ignition coil, pick-up coil and AC generator and all resistance values fall in the correct range. This has happened several times, bike will start and run great at home, but won't fire later. On this past Sat. bike ran great for app. 3 miles then shut off and would not restart. Loaded up and went home, no spark. The next morning with bike not being touched and still in trailer it started on the first push of the button. After checking and rechecking the wiring and all connections, the only thing I can't check, or so I am told, is the CDI. I am going to ask the dealer for a CDI replacement and try it this weekend. What am I overlooking? This is killing me that I have a new bike and can't ride.


bad ground?

Not sure why you would remove the kill button, but it sounds like you have something grounding out. Recheck your solder connections, a solder spike can easily poke through heat shrink and give you a grounding problem. WR Dave :thumbsup:

Thanks for the replies, have checked and re-checked all connections and my mods. Kill button seems redundant, too easy to kill motor with it and forget main power then a dead bat. jmo. Everything still points to the CDI unit, even though I have never had one go bad on any of my many previous bikes. (old points models excluded) Still, just trying to explore any options. Robert

It does sound like CDI to me.

gets hot then quits working.

i hate to be suspect, but what about removing the wiring mods ?

good luck



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