Kickstarting characteristics '01 426

I've started this machine for about a year and was at the starting line (rode from pits) and It wouldn't get to the compression point. You know when you have to use the comp. release and kick half then kick thru. Now I did feel comp. when I was kicking ,but not like ever before. Like the comp.release was inop, clutch pulled,etc. Anybody have any info??? I just pulled the valve cover to check for stuck valve. Didn't really find one..

Did you check your valve clearances while the cover was off?

Were they in spec? were they tight?

Could also be a temporarily stuck valve - sometimes happens due to carbon buildup or sitting for extended periods with the engine NOT being at TDC.

All it takes is a tiny speck of dirt/carbon on the valve seat to hold a valve open enough to not give you much/any compression.

checked the cleareances. All good. Pulled the spark plug- fouled. cleaned and then just tempaory installed the tank and seat-It started on the 3rd kick. Guess valve stuck and tuned loose. going to start using additive for carbon. Thanks for your input...

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