difference between 03 & 04 yz450...help gray

Looking at an 03 very clean...still has warning stickers on rear fender and swingarm...paint still on the frame where boots usually rub. Guy says maybe 15 hours...$2500 and probably will go lower...what do you know about the changes they made for 04...I've got one of those and I love it. I know they changed some things and I cant find the thread that list them...I think you did this for someone about 3 months ago...If you please SIR Gray.

Thanks again. Bill

went from 46 to 48mm forks...

thats all I know.

The two are very similar. The '04 has the larger 48mm fork, which is a worthwhile upgrade, and also titanium foot pegs. The timing map of the CDI is a little less aggressive, too, but not very much. The '04 does have a beefier rod bearing, too.

Either is a good bike, but all things being equal, the '04 is the better of the two.

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