First post, new bike, and a few questions.

Hey everyone, I just picked up a 2002 WR 426 and wanted to see what you guys think would be best for what I want to do with it. I bought it from a guy I work with who bought it new in 2003, he only rode it a few times then parked it for at least 3 years. It only had 100 miles on it "tires had zero wear" but I had to take the carb apart to clean out the gunk "old fuel" and then it fired right up. It is all stock except it has a supertrapp pipe, Aero Tapper bars, aluminum brake guards, jetted carb, and opened up intake. It is also has a plate and is almost street legal. The bike looked like it had been sitting in the showroom, not even a chip or rub mark in the paint and I only paid $2300 for it!

Anyways I bought the bike mostly for on road ridding and would like to eventually do a supermoto conversion but that wont be for a while. Here are my questions.

1. I changed the front sprocket to a 15 tooth and I also have a 50 tooth rear, I still think I might need to get a smaller sprocket on the back. What do you think?

2. I am also looking at getting some good road tires on it that would do decent on wet pavement, I live in Oregon and it seems to rain 75% of the time. What works good?

3. The only other parts I am going to throw on will be a trailtech Vapor, brighter tail light with a front brakelight sensor, an integrated turn, horn, and light switch, and some nice LED turn signals. Does anyone know of a turn signal flasher that will work with the LED lights and run off the AC 12 volt current?

I also did the grey wire Mod and that made a huge difference in the power! :thumbsup: Thanks for the help, this site is awesome!

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