Helpful Hint, skid plate mounting screws

Problem-I was in the process of removing my skid plate the other day and discovered one of the "hex head" mounting screws had been damaged by a rock. The rock smeared the hex drive so bad there was no way to get a socket or open end wrench on it. Fortunately I was able to remove it with a pair of vise grips.

Fix- I went down to the local ace hardware and picked up some nice stainless "socket head cap screws" and replaced all the hex drive mounting screws. The internal socket drive on a SHCS is much better protected from impacts that may occur on the bottom side of the skid plate.

It seems like a no-brainer idea.... but I hadn't thought about it until it happened to me. --RR

Good tip.

Obvious, of course, but sometimes that's what makes it a good tip.

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