it was a sad day last wednesday. on my way to school my trusty 87 4-cyl. ford rustang blew up.

RIP (Rust In Peace) dear mustang. :D

so in an attempt of consollance i went out and bought a 98 ranger over the weekend and thusfar am loving it! :D:):D yeah for me! finally got a truck.! :D just gotta wait for wisdom teeth to heal up now so that i can load up bike in back and go out in cold snow riding. :D

racer36 :D

I thought you bought a truck? Fords are no trucks. If you realy want a truck get a Chev. :):D

no. you might be refferring to my story bout almost pegging an acura to pull into used lot to look at an old dodge. that thing was in good shape, but was an 87 with 187k mi. on it. drove mustang for another couple weeks, was gonna wait till spring to get truck, but she blew up, so i had to go truck shopping over turkey-break. :)

I agress with yzboy. IMHO Chevy is the only way to fly. But a pickup truck is a step in the right direction. 87 Mustang? EEWWWHHHH!!! :)

At least you know have something to load the bike in. Crazy as it seems I was at the Wet Duck poker run in Belfair and I actually seen a fire engine red Ferrari pulling a bike trailer.

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