"wr adventure"

Love that video, makes me want to ride everytime I see it:ride: :thumbsup:

Love these bikes, love that video!

great innit ' shivers down my spine everytime , and the bike sounds like a bag of nails like mine and yours !! :thumbsup:

my 06 is plated and let me tell you that video is exactly how it is....there is nothing like getting the dirt bike out and leaving from the house on an adventure! :thumbsup:

Great Find/Post

that is a awesome commercial . i wish my wr could go on the road .

Love the stand up wheelies!!!

i can't wait till i can whip mine like that... and i wish i had a plate too :thumbsup:

Love the stand up wheelies!!!

me to dude , awesome , i like the way he gets to the track then roosts(sprays with the back wheel) his mates !! :thumbsup:

edit ; the rider should do a huge wheelie/mono whem he decides to go for a ride at the end , cos that is what the wr 450 does so well :p

and the bike sounds like a bag of nails like mine and yours !! :p

That's what I noticed when I watched it, good to know my bike's meant to sound like that :thumbsup:.

why doesnt my WR jump like that.... it feels heavy and lethargic of jumps. awesome vid!!

If this vid doesn't make you want to go out and ride nothing will!!!

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