12v power supply for GPS

Now, i've looked through lots of threads but haven't quite what i'm looking for.

My GPS has the common problem of cutting out due to vibrations. I tried packing the battery case but no good. So i purchased the aftermarket 12v cigerette lighter power supply.

now the question is how do i wire it?

My bike doesn't have a Battery so 12v will only be supplied when the bike is running and if the GPS batteries have virated off the contacts will the GPS turn off when 12v supply is cut?

Option 1: mount cigerette lighter behind headlight and hardwire to lighting system. Problem is it could get wet or cut out when power is lost.

Option 2: remove the cicruit from the cigerette adapter and enclose it in a small container. This will eliminate water problem.

Option 3: instead of hardwiring to bike, hardwire it to 2 C sized batteries which would give me about 50hours usage provided they didn't vibrate loose.

So many questions!!

Any ideas would be great


Well, I have the WR so I don't have the NO BATTERY issue. However I did install a cigarete lighter kit for my Garmin Etrex Legend.

I took apart the cig assembly and sodered 2-wires to the circuit board black/red. Connected to my battery with a automotive in-line mini-fuse. Also, used liquid electrical tape to somewhat water proof the circuit board. I fit under my seat just barely.

Than because of the circuit baord and led light, I had to install an external switch to turn off power to my GPS as it will drain the battery even w/out the unit pluged in.

IMO..... for you, I would go with the external battery pack, that way you could tape and stuff the crap out of the battery holder and not damage the GPS unit.

If you connect to your head light or any 12v source, you will lose whatever tracking during your ride as soon as the bike stops running.


This is the stuff I bought for mine


You just need to find the cable and then get the battery holder from an electronics store. Its simple to setup.

You will have no more problems.

Sounds like you have a pre-03' WR that does not have e-start or battery. You cannot hardwire your GPS to you 12V system because it is AC not DC. You could consider putting in a rectifyer/regulator to make DC, put in a small battery pack and then hardwire the GPS. However it would probably be easier for you to wire an external battery pack as suggested. In any event you need an external power supply if you want to have reliable power for the GPS.

That is correct about the AC/DC. The pre electric start WRs are AC only. The adaptors will need DC current to work properly. GPS vibration not only impacts your connections in the GPS, but it will eventually breakdown the internal components over time. I am currently developing a GPS mount that will eliminate vibrations from the bike.

thanks for your help guys, i think the external battery source is the way to go. you can buy the GPS fittings from pfrance.com and make your own.

i am interested in what sort of mount you come up with to eliminate vibration.


I know you mentioned that you packed the battery compartment but did you put something in between the batteries? I fold a piece of light cardboard or paper and jam it in between the two batteries, and it hasn't vibrated itself off since then.

Just checking if you did everything you could. :thumbsup:


i packed it from behind the batteries and also packed in between the terminals and the batteries with alfoil to make them a tight fit. i will try packing in between the batteries and see how it go's.

i packed it from behind the batteries and also packed in between the terminals and the batteries with alfoil to make them a tight fit. i will try packing in between the batteries and see how it go's.

Packing just won't work. But if you are going to try... be sure to put dielectric grease on the battery contacts to prevent the arcing.

i gave it a go and i think its worked. i'll have to give it a go on the tracks. good excuss to get into some hard terrain!!

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