will 03 yx450 head fit an 05?

I blew the top end in an 05 yz450f that I just bought (had 4hrs riding time). I found a used 03 head for sale. Does anyone know if it will work on my 05?


Yes, it will.

This is cspa300...sorry different user name. Anyway I called the bike shop and they told me the part number for the head is different but the cams and valves and gaskets are all the same. I also got to looking and the casting is a little different around one of the holes for the head bolt. On the 05 there are two little bulges or something around the right side intake head bolt that are not there on the 03. I would like to know what the difference is between the heads if anyone knows. Thanks!

Combustion chamber and port changes. The head will fit.

Should I use the 03 piston or the 05 piston?

The '03, unless the part is superseded to the '05.

for 05 they dropped the compression ratio slightly,i'm not sure exactly how but you might want to make sure about piston to valve clearance when mixing yrs:thumbsup:

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