tyre manufacturers sizes ?

:thumbsup: hi all, most of us know that different brands have different ways of measuring their tyres and my mate found out the hard way last week when he ordered a 110/100/19 kenda instead of a 110/100/19 dunlop. what im looking for then is a comparison chart of whos tyre matches other manufacturers sizes. can anyone help cheers:ride:

You won't find one. I've never heard of a 110/100x19, by the way, but I've never been to NZ, either.

In the tire size, 110/90x19, the 19 refers to the rim diameter at the base of the bead seat. There is no variation among manufacturers there.

The 110/ is the width of the tire. It is measured from one side to the other of the inflated tire body, not the tread, mounted on the correct listed rim size. It can be measured to either the interior or exterior surface, and is generally somewhat rounded off, anyway.

The /90 is the aspect ratio. 90 would tell you that the tire is 90 percent as tall as it is wide, meaning that a 110/90 would measure 99mm from the bead seat to the outer diameter of the inflated tire body, again, not the tread.

Overall height and width will vary a lot based on tread design. Soft terrain tires usually appear narrower than harder terrain tires, even from the same manufacturer.

oops, yeah i ment 110/90/19.sorry. i know how tires are measured. just hoped there would be a comparison chart for the different brands.cheers

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