Noisy WR

My bud has a new 02 wr426,

This pup is still stock as a rock.

Is the noise on these bikes (Engine Noise) that excessive. I have a yz426, Mine is now were near as noisy as the wr.

I figure its becouse of the exhuast being so quite you really here the engine more....

So no one has a noisy WR or ar you all just ashamed to admit it

Ok, ok,

My name is Dodger....

It's been less than one day since I've had a drink....

And I have a noisy WR.... :):D

Seems to me that these bikes are a bit noisy, glad it's not just mine. Besides the tweety bird, there does seem to be alot of engine noise produced by these (my) bike(s).

A few months ago I ran into a couple of guys on pretty new '01 WR250's out in Rabbit Valley CO, MAN, those were noisy bikes. It surprised the hell out of me that they were even way noisier than my 426. What gives?? To me, it didn't seem like a bad noisy, like the motor was going to grenade or anything, but definately noticable.

It's all good, as long as my bike keeps running as well as it does, it's not going to bother me......


Dodger :D:D

my wr 426 f `02 has just got burn`d in and it has also got alot of engine noise. a friend of mine has got a husqvarna 610 and his bike also has alot of engine noise. maybe fourstroke 1syl. make more noise :)

I have a 01 wr 426 and have taken notice to the engine noise. I have rode a 01 xr650r

and it has no where near the engine noise, but it also has a louder exhaust. :)

My o2 426 sounds like a thrash machine also....but..nothing in the oil and everything seems to be flowing...It still runs well so I have decided to just keep an ear tuned in for changes.


my wr is actually more quiet when the choke is on....and i don`t think it`s that wrong adjusted so i doubt that the sound is pinking from wrong fuel/air. i took out the spark plug and it was kind`a black on the `screw` but white on the elektrode. not sure what ìt means?

any idea? :)

Hey thanks for the replys,

My buddies WR is brand spanking new, and compared to my 00 yz his sounds like a deasel motor. :) Well not that bad.

But we were just wondering, I dont here much of my engine its way load so hearing a stock WR running I was like man these yz's are noisy critters.

Ya I know about the Husky 610 those things are as noisy as a Joh Dear Trackter......

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I think what your hearing is the timing chain.


and it was kind`a black on the `screw` but white on the elektrode. not sure what ìt means?

I think your fuel mixture is is ok from what your saying about the plug. Not sure how it would get quieter when choke on.........

Originally posted by EgoAhole:

So no one has a noisy WR or ar you all just ashamed to admit it

Actualy Ego, Judgeing from the replys you allways seem to make on other TT'ers postings, I'm surprised you could hear it over your yapping! :)


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