Best exhaust for 07 yz 450f?

I'm looking for best overall sound, performance and cost? Thanks.

I used the fmf stuff 4.1 and the mega bomb headpipe it was free so it was great.But big increase in power, tons of top end good stuff..

thats a hard question to ask.. everyone has their own favorite exhaust company. but here are a few you cant go wrong with





White Brothers( if you can still find them on closeout)

depending on your budget each of the main exhaust companies will have something for you. the cheapest full exhaust would be an MRD. They are around 400 bucks depending on what you want on it.. and Dave will work with you to get the power the way you want it.. Also comes with a lifetime warrenty on damage.

I currently run a Pro-Circuit Ti-4 and love it.. sound is a bit loud for some. but to others it has a nice throaty tone. Power is increased down low a tad but its in the middle and upper rms is where it improves the most.


dont try to get to much out of your exhaust. you will be disapointed. the stock exhaust systems are pretty damn good out of the box. all the exhaust will do is move your power to different locations.


I run an FMF TiPowercore4 exhaust with stock header on my 07. I also run the quiet insert/spark arrestor that you buy separately. Total cost was about 300 bucks. It runs great, is relatively quiet, Titanium (ok, bling :thumbsup:) weighs less than the stocker and doesn't really change the power location, just adds a bit more. For the money, I don't think there's a better exhaust out there.

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