In a dilema

well said...i just feel i should get something newer maybe i dono...its just a want issue lol.. got a buddy that wants mine and feel if i go up too a 06 itll due me for another good 3 years etc

well said...i just feel i should get something newer maybe i dono...its just a want issue lol.. got a buddy that wants mine and feel if i go up too a 06 itll due me for another good 3 years etc

The one you are riding will probably give you another three years of fun, as long as you take care of the regular maintenance. Speaking from experience I can only say - make sure you sort out need from want. If your current bike is putting a smile on your face you will miss the old girl if you get rid of her,

G U A R A N T E E D! :thumbsup:

lol u really make me think bout things LOL... there is a 04 yzf450 with rekluse and all that good stuff done too it... would it feel much diff then my 426?

I'm in the same situation. I feel like I'm riddled with guilt! I have a yzf400 set up for trail riding and it's great. I've ridden an 06 CRF450X which feels like a pig, a 2006 WR450F which was not much better, and a 2004 CRF250X which I loved and got me thinking of a new bike. The yz400 felt so much more snappier, better suspended, and handled better than the CRFX and WR. But...the CRF250X had better suspension and handled like a dream, it just needed more power. Then I got the idea of a big bore CRF250X!

Then I did the research on the CRF250X and found out about the valve problems, no thanks. I have never had to adjust the valves on the yz400, it's just bullet proof (other than the clutch basket shock springs disentagrating, probably my fault when I installed the Rekluse..).

But I'm looking at new bikes. I go out to the garage and look at the yz400, and I feel like I'm cheating on her..

Then I was thinking, maybe I'll get a 250f and keep the 400 for veriaty. That way I can have the best of both worlds! I just can't stomach the thought of getting rid of the 400 because we've had good times together!

So I found myself looking at KTM's. I need a green sticker bike to ride all year long. I really want a light 450 or 250 without all of the lights and smog junk, and the KTM XCF-W looks pretty sweet. Maybe a 250f with a Thumper-racing 300 kit??? Maybe the 450 XCR-W which is almost as light as a motocross bike with an electric start? Man, that sounds sweet..

We'll see..

Hey LJ - I sense sleepless nights. I agree about getting a second bike if you can afford it. That solves the problem of wanting something new. Then if the second bike is not what you thought it would be you can sell it and keep old reliable. Unfortunately not everyone is in the position where they can have multiple bikes in the garage.

Foxz - yes the 450F with the Rekluse will feel different, but primarily because of the Rekluse.

It has caused me sleepless night, especially when I say a 99 yz400f on craigslist for $1200! The bike is so good, I really don't want to get rid of it. Even if I do go with a 450, I'm going to keep it for a back up bike.

Everybody who had tried my bike (owners of the CRF450X, WR450f, and CRF250X) thinks my bike is amazing. I don't know, I think the Rekluse and old worn out suspension (read PLUSH) makes for a good trail bike.

However, I've heard such good things about big bore 250f's, I think that might be the route to go. I want a single track bike, and the CRF450X and WR450f or just too damn cumbersom. It might be fun to scream a 250f for a while, and use the 400 for days when I feel like doing more high speed stuff.

i am in this situation as well. i have a '98 yz400 and have only had one other bike so i have come to feel like i will have it forever. but it also seems like its a never ending project, nothing major though, just small annoying things. it has PLENTY of power for me being only 160lbs max. the power is fun but when im in long races and fatigue sets in it just becomes too much. so im leaning towards a 250f. im sure they have less power and i will miss it at first but i will be able to handle the bike when im tired and not the other way around. that tank of a bike i have beats me up sometimes. but i love it. i feel like i need to upgrade and modernize, im sure i wont regret it in the long run. might just keep the 400 and add a 250f.

When you talk about fatigue setting in, you should realize that in those long desert races it's a lot less the power that fatigues, and a lot more the weight and the shortcomings of the 10 year old suspension that beats you into the ground.

The '06 and later YZ450 may be only 25 pounds lighter than yours, but it feels like 50 or 60 pounds when you ride it. That, and the suspension is so much better that there's no way to really explain it. One of the first things I noticed when I went from my '03 to the '06 was how much less tired I was after 70 or 100 miles of fooling around in the desert all day.

A 250F might turn out to be the bike for you, but I would suggest that you make your choice based on your own impressions after test riding one of each before you rule out a YZ450 based on what you read somewhere, or what someone else thinks.

yeah good points. i never thought of that. i guess i will have to try both. ive only ridden an '07 YZF450 once and it was for about two minutes.

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