YZ426 - Plating. Good idea for my deal?

(Earlier text snipped)

Looks like I bought a 2000 YZ-F, and I'm going to plate it.

Goody - more research and more stuff to work on!

Wow, bux 1000 on my card later...

1 sidestand (MSR/Trailtech)

1 Dakar kit

1 set of good stuff from a y2k1 426 clutch

1 y2k1 WR426 stator and flywheel

I'll still have to get DOT-stamped tires before I can plate it. Oh, and I get to pay Sales Tax and (still off-road) registration for the bike tomorrow.

Okay, I splurged. One set of Excel 17" SM rims (3.5 front 5.00 rear), Buchanan spokes, and a set of OE wheels from a boneyard are on their way. This'll let me keep dirt wheels (also Excel alloy, came with the bike) on the beast when I want to get dirty, commute, and still let me race LWSB/Clubman and Singles. You read it here first, folks.

Found out at the MVD today they don't even want to inspect it. My signed say-so is good enough. 'Course, I'll get an equipment ticket if I get pulled over and am missing anything, so I'll install the Dakar kit.

Rode it again, that clutch has GOT to be modded before I wanna do a stoplight in traffic.

I'll need a 3-day tag to get it - get this - emissions tested. The carb hasn't been ZipTy'ed or had any mods done (OE exhaust still), so it should just be a fuel-screw adjustment if it doesn't pass.

Fun, fun. Lots of parts coming makes kz a happy man.


Waiting for the stator & clutch parts. New 17" rims'll be here Monday.

Got Pics??

Yeah... I'll post pics of the wheel lacing when I do it next week. Wife and kids have the digital camera with them (they took a road trip to see Grandma), they return Tuesday.

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