WR stator wiring in YZ

Ok guys. If i dont run a battery, do i need to float the ground on the WR stator to install into my YZ? What needs to be done to make the bike run?? Need to know asap and have searched.

first off we need to know the year of your YZ ( can't assume it's a 2000 just because it's at the bottom of your post), and what year WR stator you're trying to put in it

generally, an ac system doesn't need, and in fact cannot use a battery. for a dc system, you can run either a battery or just a capacitor. with the capacitor, obviously your lights will only be on when the bike is running.

when you let us know the year of your WR stator, let us know if it's ac or dc and the wattage output so we can help you better with suggestions. also what kind and how many items you want powered by the stator, and the wattage draw of each. difficult to help you without detailed info

all items powered is headlights, dual 55w bulbs, LED tail light, and horn.

It is an AC stator, and it is for a 2001 WR426 I found out i gotta do the pink wire mod, but cap off the end coming from the stator.

OK - assuming the stator fits your bike and that it is compatable with your ignition (someone else jump in here, my expertise is the 06 and up yz's) you can run straight ac just fine. just get a regulator to keep the voltage at 12 volts so you won't blow bulbs.

led tail light is prob only 1 watt, and horn is 20-25 watts. I trust only one of the 55watt headlight bulbs is on at a given time. Check a WR owners manual to see the wattage output of the wr stator you're gonna use. you gonna want about 100 watts minimum if possible.

LEDs and the horn aren't going to work on AC. You will need to get a rectifier to convert AC to DC if you want to run LEDs. If you are going to go that route, then you need to float the ground.

depends on the led tail light - Baja Designs runs just fine on AC - even the instructions say so. Might have a built in rectifier? I also ran an led 1157 bulb in a regular tail light with no problems before. I stand corrected on the horn - you're right Birdy, it needs DC. I just used a 9 volt battery powered horn for my bike.

i have a small rectifier i am going through for the horn. I have never had a problem with LEDs and AC power....

hey. justr to let you guys know, shes done!! i didnt have to mod the stator, just did the pink wire mod, and used a moose reg. i did put in a radio shack rec for my horn, cooling fan, and LED tail. Works great, lights are bright, bike runs great, starts easier than before, and it didnt take much to do the wiring. Longest thing was the flywheel, that thing wouldnt come off! than once she came off it mushroomed the end of the threads a lil so i had to spend time rethreading it. but it was worth it!!

great! - how bout some pics?

i will post some up tonight, also i ordered a wr cdi just cause i didnt float the ground and dont relly wanna hack up the stator to float it. it cut out at 1/2 throttle for a sec. Not a big deal.

someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but i think floating the ground only applies to dc systems. You're running your setup ac aren't you?

Yes i am running AC, I called electrosport and they told me it may be because i didnt float the ground, or the pink wire connection isnt the best.

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