weird thing but it almost broke my wrist ,i love it

I owned a wr 400f 99 model from the first day and

I changed to yz timing ,i sold the bike and was looking for a two stroke but no way i am 4 stroker,now here is the comparison when exiting the curves with yz timing the bike didnt spinned that much but damn in technical stuff it did stalled a lot i really hated that,thats why i sold the bike .

Now heres the other story i bought a wr 400f 98

model with wr timing damn man i should of never

put my other bike to yz timing i love wr timing

it never stalls in technical terrain but the only thing you all should be carefull is exiting curves at high speed it overspins so much maybee its because of the torque down low and has power

no way im not going back to yz mode ever!!!

thats why i posted this topic cause racing with my other friends and trying to catch my little brother i slammed a curve and the bike fanned me so be careful hopefully its just a little crack in my left hand little finger .

be honest with yourself are you enduro or motocrosser decide and then prepare your bike dont fool yourself preparing a bike that wont work in what you are going to be doing 80%.

just my opinion.

And your Point IS :)

Man did you write that all in one breath

honesty ,my point is that why bother converting

an enduro bike for motocross thats what i was trying to do and the bike just didnt work in the technical terrain its okay to style it like a motocrosser not mechanically.

best regards


Now I'm Confused.....I hate it when that happens..

Bonzai :)

surely there's a middle of the road.

Honestly though my 02 426 takes the turns better

then my 92 cr250 I know there 10 years there

maybe that's the diff

Sadly me or the wr has got to get better with the mx jumps :)

Sounds like you didin't know there is more to it than just yz timing.

s phillips- Stranger things have happened. Get this, my XR6 turns quicker than my WR4!! But Wr4 is better because the suspension and weight is better. Damn! :)

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