05' yz450f clutch basket locked up ...

(Info ... This was on a brand new clutch with no hrs.)

So my buddy and I were out riding yesterday for a bit just playing around, maybe 15-20 minutes ... We were practicing starts off the line, and probably the third go round when he put it into first the clutch was fully disengaged with the lever pulled in ... Tried trouble shooting it out there, but ended up bringing the bike back to try and diagnose it at the house ... Upon pulling the clutch cover we noted that eveything seemed fine ... The clutch actuated smoothly and the plates weren't frozen together ... Started to pull the entire basket out, and when we put it into neutral noticed that it's fully locked up ... The basket will only rotate with the engine, it will not free spin ... Also of note, the basket will not slide off of the shaft ... The nut and washer have been removed of course and it gets about an 1/8 inch where the basket assembly starts to come out, but then binds ... I'm at a loss for what happened ...

Definitely something wrong withe the basket or something (foreign matter) locking up the crankshaft gear and hub that drives the tranny on the basket. (big and small gear on back of basket that usually turn independently if clutch is pulled).

The basket is only supposed to turn with the engine, and the clutch is supposed to be disengaged with the lever pulled in. It's engaged with the lever out.

Now, if you are saying that the clutch remains engaged (or will not release, same thing) with the lever pulled in, that's different.

With all of the plates removed, the HUB or BOSS, the center part of the clutch assembly that the steel plates engage with, should turn with the transmission main shaft. The basket, the outer part, is attached to the primary drive gear, and will not turn unless the engine does.

With the main shaft nut removed, the hub should slip off. Behind that is a splined washer that must come off before the basket can be removed.

With all that in mind, look again, and tell us what you see.

I did a crappy job of explaining ... You're correct that it's the hub/boss that I'm referring to ... All of the clutch plates are out and the center nut/washer is off ... With the bike in neutral, the center hub/boss does not rotate freely ... It also has about an 1/8 inch where it starts to slide out off of the shaft, but then binds and will not come out ...

the washer you removed, is it Splined - probably not.

I think what you are doing is trying to take the basket AND the boss out at the same time, you undid the bolt and removed the lock washer, now DON'T pull all of it, reach inside and pull the inner part out only (#5), leaving the outer part (#4) on the bike, NOW reach in and remove the splined washer (#11) - you'll have to line it up.

NOW you can remove the Basket (#4).

Something sounds like it's binding your tranny shaft to the gears on the basket.

At this point try and turn your tranny shaft (if in Neutral) - or you can turn the wheel and see if the shaft moves if you are in gear - this should work without a problem and should now be disconnected from the motor.

Inspect your Basket on the rear side - the splines (inner portion where shaft inserts) should spin freely/smoothly - if it doesn't, this is what is hanging up your clutch with the drive gear making it appear as though the unit is locked up.


If you are trying to pull only the hub, and it won't come off the shaft, try getting behind it with a pair of screwdrivers or tire levers by running them through the slots in the basket. A "crow foot" wheel puller (the kind that uses three bolts to pull the part) can be used if you don't have to apply too much pressure.

Once the hub is off, you'll see what Matt is talking about.

So it would seem as though when he did his clutch he may have forgotten to bend the tab over on #12 ... Every part in the clutch assembly shows signs of it being tightened up way to much ... We used a puller set-up to remove the hub and basket from the shaft, and the small pressed in gear in the basket remained behind ... Yup, it's still on the shaft ... You can visibly see heat marks on the shaft where it meets that gear, and needless to say it should slide right on/off with the basket ... You can also see a pretty clear impression on the back of the basket from the gear being forced into it ... On the up side, with the basket removed everything spins nice and freely ... I'm guessing the down side is going to be getting the gear off the shaft, and probably the cost of replacing the basket and whatever else it tore up ...

Then, what has happened is that the primary driven gear assembly has seized to the main shaft. That's why the clutch wouldn't release. Examine the shaft critically. It may need to be replaced.

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