Big End inspection??????

OK gurus,:thumbsup: I've asked this question before but the thread was side tracked by others:rant:

Is it possible to inspect the big end bearing confidently, visually???

Got my 03 WR450 motor pulled down, can't feel any up and down play in the big end, but plenty of side play!!!!

What do ya reckon? 14000ks on the clock:eek:

The manual shows this on page 2-7. Side clearance should be between .15-.45mm (.006-.018"). Side play is the amount the big end can move side to side on the pin. Vertical clearance is measured at the top of the rod with a dial indicator by rocking the rod on the pin without letting it slide on it. The rod should rock 0.4-1.0mm (.020-.040").

There is no way, even if clearances are correct, to gauge how much longer the bearing will run without a failure from some type of breakage, however, so it remains something of a calculated risk to run any used bearing.

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