03 wr450 coming anytime

Ichecked with two dealers in Utah about the 03 wrs450 one says he has confirmation that they are on the trucks and they expect them any time, the other dealer says he also thinks they are coming in Dec. He also told me that the deal about 6 months no payment is only good til the end of Dec. if the bikes come in after Dec. he's not sure if they will still honor that

My dealer talked to the regional yamaha fellow and he said that it is very likely they will extend the financing promotion (although not definite.) There is some fine print to this deal, and it involves financing the bike on the yamaha credit card. Be careful as after the promotion period there is a pretty hefty interest rate involved.

and also.. YAY! bikes on the way is a good thing :)

Watch out for those deals. My dad bought a Grizzly 660 on the program and Yamaha made him buy insurance. Would have been cheaper to get a home improvement loan. He ended up just paying it off to save money.

The 0% interest and 0 payments for six months is the same as any other deal like it. High interest rates on 'their' revolving credit lines. I used the program last spring to purchase my 2002 WR and paid it off with income I knew I had coming. I'm planning on doing the same with the 2003 WR, if it shows up before Dec. 31, 2002. I confirmed with Yamaha Customer relations that Yamaha had no current intentions to extend the promotion. I would like to see them extend it, though.

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