Front wheel binding after new barke pads


I searched and read a few threads. I think I'm OK, but wanted to toss this out.

I changed my brake pads last night. My old pads were WAAAAAY worn. still had material on them, bot not much. I had to push the calipers WAY back just to get the new pads in, and then had to wedge the pads open to get the rotor in when remounting the front wheel (had the forks off getting serviced).

Anyway, I did the wheel alignment drill... axle nut finger tight, bounce the forks..etc, and the front wheel is still super tight. The pads are definitely rubbing which I know is normal to an extent, but I barely get one full revolution when I spin the front wheel. Is there a way to relieve pressure on the pads without getting air into the lines?

Thanks in advance

you have to ride for a while, to get the pad seated right against the rotor and to get teh pad a little smoother - they're a lot rougher upon innitial install and will smooth out after a few hard endo's and skids.


that's what I thought, but just wanted a few second opinions.

did an hour or so of "light" moto (not much of a jumper), and the brakes and whell are back to normal.

Thanks fellas

now I just have to get this countershaft seal leak sorted out.

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