Milkman, you are to be commended. I purchased my (Long Blue) sealsavers last week. One of the absolute best investment's I have made in years. I was getting tired of having to clean out my seals after every ride because of sand getting wedged between the rubber.

I took ol blue out for a severe mud torture test this past Sunday. Afterwards I washed the bike and raised the skirt on the seals to take a peek...Hmmm no dirt...So then I dropped the dust covers....Man....Clean as a whistle....No leaks anywhere.

And the Blue matches the tank and fenders perfectly. They also sent me a set of large Trailer Logo decals, so that I could advertise the product. I'm sold, I'll never have another bike without them again...

Thanks Darin,

Bonzai :)


do you have a link?


I second what Yamakaze said! I put on a pair a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the info Darin.

Dude, I've been preaching about these for years..

I love my NOJ fork seal protectors! Never leaked a drop of oil in 2/5 years!

These are gotta-haves in my book!

Bonzai, you are killing me............ :)

Installed mine last Friday night, fit and finish supurb!! Functionallity, A+++, not a lick of crap past them.

Dodger :):D

What is the diameter of the 2002 forks ?? 1 1/2" or 1 3/4"

I also have the long blue ones. I haven't installed them yet. Still trying to get up to courage to start taking things apart. They look great sitting on the shelf though. Maybe this weekend.

Long or short?

nevermind - i guess i should learn to read.

[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: Ron in SoCal ]

Originally posted by Fryboy:

What is the diameter of the 2002 forks ?? 1 1/2" or 1 3/4"

My 99 forks are 46mm and they guy from sealsavers told me to get the 1 3/4".

Im sure your forks are the same.


Glad you guys like them. I really do too. Ill send a link from this thread to Sealsavers. The guy I talked to when I bought mine seemed really nice and Im sure he would like to hear the positive feedback.

Plus I think they are priced very reasonably compared to other bike parts.

armourbl -

freestyle111, They just slide down over the top. Pull your forks out of the clamps and slide them over.

I think their cheap enough I should have ordered 2 or 3 pairs in case I crash and rip the neoprene on a rock or something.

if i order 2 pairs one of my buddys will steal my extra if i crash and rip neoprene i'll mostly like need a new fork tube. if that were to happen i might just part bike out on TT.what do you think i could sell a used set of sealsavers for on tt.$49?

Thanks guys!!!! Im next. Im ordering mine tomorrow. Im on my 4th set of seals. Im sure this will help.

DL :)

hey,bill this is bryan hey are you going riding this weekend becuase i might be able to go my parents might actually let me well reply back if so. :)

Met Darin this week, nice guy. Got a set of savers and going to put them on this weekend. hope no one has to replace a fork leg. I did :) $300 for the outer tube.

i just ordered a do they go on?do they just slide down top of tube or do i have to pull fork slides apart?i cant believe i finally ordered these things. ive probably saw there ad and said to myself i need to order some, at least 20 times in the past year.i just didnt have access to phone or computer and would forget all about until next time i saw there ad.thanks for the reminder yamakaze.i went straight to there website as soon as i saw your post and ordered a set


Check your Personal Messages, Look under "Profile" at the top of the page....

Bonzai :)

Hey Jekel, Hope every fit up good on the TTR with the sharkfin.

Im such an idiot. I pull right up next to you in the parking lot (not knowing what you look like) and your wearing a Yamaha hat. I look at you and say "Are you here for the sharkfin?"

Sometimes I amaze myself. *L*

[ May 24, 2002: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

I am going to try it in the am. Will tell you the results. Lucky I saw the FMF sticker on your window :)

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