good dealer in PA.

any of you PA. Riders every shop at Zanotti Motor Co. [honda &yamaha dealer].i came across there website a couple months ago and have ordered from them a few times they have great prices for OEM parts.the other thing i like about them is customer service.whenever i've called with question they go out of there way to help me.if parts guy doesnt have answer he gets a mechanic to talk to me.first dealer ive dealt with in a long time that acually seems to care about something other than $$$$.i wish CA. dealers were like them.the only problems with ordering from there website is you need to email them parts # then they email you back price i have to use partsfish website first to look up all parts i need and part #'s then then go to zonatti website,but its worth it they sell parts about 25% UNDER OEM LIST PRICE AT PARTSFISH.COM.


Thanks for the info. I'd eat a ton of broken glass before I'd use the dealer here in York. I'll check'm out, can't ride, to dang cold (I'm still a Californian at heart) so might as well spend money on my favorite girl :)


your welcome,its starting to get a little chilly here also.i just got my bike back together a couple hours ago but it was to late for me to start it.i can hardly wait to try out new motor.yesterday i order some parts for my buddies xr400 from zannotti motor here is price quote they sent me


Here are prices on the parts you asked about.

90121-KAE-000 pivot bolt

retail $33.11 your cost $22.22

91106-KF0-008 PIVOT BEARING[QTY 2]

retail $16.37 ea your cost $21.32 both


retail $15.11 ea your cost $19.70 both

52144-KR8-005 OUTER SEAL[QTY 2]

retail $7.64 ea your cost $9.88 both

91254-KS5-003 INNER SEAL[QTY2]

number does not come up in computer - maybe number below

91254-KS6-003 dust seal (qty 2)

retail $5.51 ea your cost $7.12 both

front brake master cylinder rebuild kit

retail $35.36 your cost $23.73 We accept credit cards, money orders or cashier checks.

You can call during business hours: M-F 9 to 5 and ask for

John McIntyre or John Holland (724-283-5419) or you can follow

the steps below.

its hard for me to believe they are selling OEM parts this cheap.

Competition in Pa in my area is so feriece among dealers, the smaller dealers seem to lower their prices on parts and try to give better service than the bigger dealers. The big dealers are so swamped they have terrible service, almost nothing in stock, bikes go out the door faster than they can build them, so they can jack the prices up on parts and service to what their customers will bare. I have switched my primary dealer for Mongomeryville to Martin Power sports (Formerly Link cycle) they are closer, nicer, cheaper, and have quick service. If Im buysing a new bike, I will buy the cheaper bike from the bigger dealer even if I have to wait for it,,,, But the smaller guy gets the rest of my $$$$. They did move up the rode to a new nicer larger building but the service has still been great and now they stock even more parts. Oh yeah, they carry Honda, Yamaha, KTM, and Cannondale,,, thease are a few of my favorite Thumping things,, do do do doooo :).

Jason.. In case this helps, I've bought my last 3 bikes from Link/scott powersports. All three times I got a 'best price' from montgomeryville and asked the folks at link if they could match it. They have, and all 3 times its meant less of a wait than montgomeryville.

The sales manager at montgomeryville is an arrogant SOB and I wouldn't buy a sticker there let alone a bike. It gives me joy to buy anything that they sell somewhere else. :)

BTW.. I live about 15 away from coopersburg so maybe we can hook up next year to ride?

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