Have you re-valved your suspension?

I was lucky enuf to win a 50% off re-valve/service/tuning with EVO at last weekends hare scrambles.

I have already re-sprung my suspension for my weight but I think I may take advantage of this so input in regard to what you nmay have had done and is it worth it to have work done on the rear shock at the same time? What do they do to the rear shock to improve it :thumbsup:

Thanks :p

is it worth it?YES....there is nothing like hitting a G-Out at speed and having your suspension suck it up with out a beat.

My 06 was done by precision concepts here in socal...they are considered one of the industry leaders as they do all of the Honda Race team suspenson

so with your 50% i would take full advantage if i was you

I had my forks re-valved, new bushes fitted by Pro-action and new springs. New set up is a massive improvement and was money well spent.

I did not bother with the rear shock it seems ok to me, the limiting factor in my case was a far to hard and bouncy front end.

The ultimate single chamber Kayaba fork:


People who have ridden this fork equate them to high dollar Showa twin chambers on modified CRF's. Read around the suspension forum a little. If I had a WR, I'd do it.

I had my 06 forks done by Factory Connection, the best money I've spent on my bike!

Definitely worth it. I had my 426 done and it was the best money I spent on it. As soon as I have my new WR's suspension run in I'll be doing it again.

As mentioned above, stuff you would normally pause and consider bashing through you just glide through. In my experience rough and choppy stuff was smoothed out and allowed me to get a lot more power to the ground. It also steered a heap better - less tendency to stand up in the moddle of a rut or berm. Instead of shaking crap out of you coming into a turn, braking bumps are just soaked up.

I had front and rear done. Kept the same springs, just re-valved. The crew that did mine said one of the things they do is make sure the nitrogen pressure in the shock is correct, as often it's not and that can make a difference.

I had my 06 forks done by Factory Connection, the best money I've spent on my bike!
I agree! I did the Factory Connection full re valve with, a set of YZ forks:thumbsup: I spent a little extra on the forks but, it is sooooo worth it when, I ride my dream bike!:thumbsup:

Had my bike done by RG3 (3 miles from my house). I weigh in at 215 so I need the springs done as well. Been real happy with them.

I had Pro-Action do my entire bike, forks and shock. The bike is now like a marshmallow that will suck up almost any hit and no more fork deflection which is where the revalving does it's job. Not sure if the rear shock is "as" worth it, but I would definetly recommend taking advantage of the 1/2 off deal. :thumbsup: WR Dave

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