Quick Carb Access?

Just ordered a bunch of jets from Sudco, CarbParts

and the local dealer.

Wondering what everyone does for quick carb access?

Just loosen the 2 clamps and give the carb a 45 degree spin? Thus leaving the seat and tank on?

What do you guys do?

I remove the throttle cables from the tube and slide the carb out far enough to make my changes, then slide it back in and your ready for another test run. Just my 2 cents.


I have to take off the tank and seat but I just rotate the carb to get at the jets and needle. Takes me about 15-20 minutes total.

Never even had my cables off, just drop the carb down and turn a bit and you can get the needle out.

Great info guys!

I’ve become adept at removing the throttle cables from the slide pulley w/ the carb on the bike,

Hick that's a real piece a work you must have rubber fingers :):D

For getting at the bowl (MJ and pilot jet), I just loosen and twist. Sometimes I remove the top bolt from the coil to gain a little extra room.

To get at the needle, or pilot air jet, I just pull the carb from the boots and let it hang (throttle cables still attached).

To get to the needle, I remove the seat and tank. I have a long 3mm cupped allen that fits between two tubes of the frame to get to the back screw and between the wiring harness and frame tube to get to the front. Top of carb off, twist to bring needle to top, 4mm allen to take off needle holder.

To get to main and pilot on yours, 17mm wrench to pull plug. Main is 6mm on 1/4" ratchet, I recently paid $6 for a cool little main jet wrench. In either case, I don't have to twist at all. To get to pilot, I don't have the 'right' screwdriver so I twist carb out. Don't have to loosen anything, just twist.

To get to MAJ or PAJ (now PAS), I have to remove carb. Reason is I can't get gasket between carb and joint back in place unless that surface is horizontal.

To get to leak jets (which Hick assures me you don't have, just saying what I do) I pull bowl off carb without removing carb.

Good luck,


Mark -

To get to leak jets (which Hick assures me you don't have, just saying what I do) I pull bowl off carb without removing carb.

Scared me for a minute there bro. I spent a lot of time making sure my list was right for all the different jet's. And all of a sudden there's a "Leak Jet" ?!?!? :)

I hope Hick was right, I haven't seen a leak jet in my manual......

Thanks Mark


I’ve become adept at removing the throttle cables from the slide pulley w/ the carb on the bike, so I just take the carb off entirely to do my jetting. I don’t remove the seat or tank, and I have an Acerbis 3+ gallon tank. But it may be easier for some to remove throttle tube or remove the cables at the tube, with extra slack in the cables then you could move the carb enough to access the bowl w/out taking it off.

But unless you do something about the cables I don’t think you will be able to move the carb enough to gain access the bowl.

I use an allen key ground to a flat screw driver on the long side. This does the PS and the PJ by only removing the plug on the bottom. No twisting. L shape gives you something to push your thumb against and long side gives you length for the PJ.


Some of you guy's are pretty funny......I can always depend on TT when I need a pick me up.

No disrespect intended....

Bonzai :)


GLad we could be of humor to you


for the early carb;i removed the engine plate from the right and put it next to the other one on the left.

i did my jetting without the black plastic APJ cover

this means that the entire carb can be pulled off and out. i also casn twist the top of the carb a/c wise and get at the needle cover.

i don't think it gets any easier than that.



What engine plate are you referring to?

If you take the gas tank off you will see two plates (one on each side) attached to the frame with 4 or 5 bolts and one large bolt attaching the plates to the engine.

If you move the right hand side one over to the left you free up a bunch of space for the throttle cables to move into when you are puilling on the carb, that way you dont have to remove the throttle cables from either the carb or the throttle twister.


I would recommend this if you see many interventions into the carb, otherwise just leave as is and undo the throttle cables at the throttle twister, much easier to do.

The Missile

Originally posted by Littlefoot:


What engine plate are you referring to?

He must be talking about the head stay.

ANswering my own question now that I've done it about 30 times........

Loosen up the 2 clamps on the carb.

Pull the filter duct work from the carb with

a long screw driver.

Pull slack out of the throttle cables.

This will allow the carb to drop down about two inches.

After this the carb can be angled in or out depending on if your changing the needle or if your changing out the PJ/MJ.

IT's EZeeeee :)

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