Frame Problems

I have been tearing in to my 426 thepast two days hoping to paint the frame and frshen up andthing that was worn out or looed bad.Today I got to the fame and noticed it has a pretty bad dent in it. I dont know when it happened but i was wondering if you guys think this will be a problem in the future.? Here are some pics of the frame and of my progress so far.






I am not sure if this can be fixed??? Any welders out there want to chime in?

- but I would check with yamaha to see if a new frame is available or ebay for a used but not bent frame

The frame isn't heavily loaded in that area, so it's not really a huge problem, but the simplest fix would be to overlay a half-round piece of steel on the bad spot. Have it done by a good fabricator with TIG skills.

ok. Thanks for the input.

Check ebay. There's usually a couple frames from varies years on there and cheaper than getting it welded.

yea, i might try that out. ANy 426 frame will fit right???

ya perdy much, wotn take much to weld it, even if u just ben the metal and spot weld it, its not heavly stressed. ne one wit the littlest knowledge on welding could do it, just dont stick weld it, lol use mig or tig

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