Replacing 03 YZ450F Engine

Just like the title says I am thinking about replacing my 03 Yamaha YZ450F Engine. Yes the entire engine, top and bottom, went blah on me. :thumbsup: And I have a few questions:

1) Should I: - replace the engine - part out the bike - or sell it as is?

2) What is the cost range for another engine?

3) What year range of an engine can I put in mine?

4) Does anybody have any suggestions on where I might get an engine?

5) How much is my bike worth right now?

Thanks in advance!

1) You decide

2) ~$600(?)

3)'03-'05 YZ450 or '03-'06 WR450 (the WR is interesting if you want to build a desert racer/enduro bike out of it)

4) Check the TT Classifieds, post a wanted ad in the classifieds, and watch eBay

5) Not much. Maybe $4-800

whats money like? Parting out the bike could bring some money, but its a lot of time spent ebaying and shipping stuff. I personally abuse credit so I would just go buy a new bike and make pyts. Spending money I dont have always brings me temporary happiness

Wow only around $600!?! That sounds pretty good I was thinking around $1G-$1500. Thank you grayracer513 you have probably made me change my mind(I was going to try selling it as is) And as far as using credit to buy a new bike is out of the question...I am a college student with a really tight budge and still owe on my 1994 car! lol

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