2000 wr400 newbie here saying gday from down under

gday everyone...

as the title suggests... i am new to this site.. well ive been reading it for a few weeks now, but it prompted me to make a post so thats what im doing.

im from Newcastle, in NSW, Australia and own a 2000 wr400.. and a 2003 KX250.

ive only had the wr for a bit over a month... and its bloody awesome... big and reasonably heavy but freakin awesome.. i love my KX though and unfortunatly i have to sell it.

the reason i bought the WR is because the local law enforcement is cracking down on unregistered bikes in the bush and the fines are $1000 plus.. and i can ride it to work everyday in dirt trim, and take it out on the weekends.

now that i have to sell the KX... i want to modify the wr... basically to make it a YZ with rego and lights and a wider ratio gearbox. ive already changed the tank and seat and other plastics to YZ items... done the throttle stop mod, done the airbox mod, changed the rear spring, stiffened the forks up and YZ timed it.

i want it to point and shoot out of turns, i want it to take off and be stable in the air.. i want it to try and tear my arms off when on the gas... like my KX does.

ive read heaps of threads about it but alot of people are saying dont bother... or you shouldve bought a YZ.. but here in aus... you cant ride a YZ on the road... no matter what... if i could do that, i would keep the KX.

i do alot of general riding... some rocky, some sandy, some wet n muddy, some jumps, and everything in between.. the KX has handled it without much fuss... so i want to set the WR up as much as i can to an MX bike.

i ride it 20mins to work n back everyday... but im willing to put up with whatever discomfort comes with turning into an MXer.



You'd have to get YZF Suspension or get the WR suspension reworked drastically to get YZ handling.

You can change your sprockets for better (closer to MX) gearing, but that will likely affect your road performance to some degree - making it rev higher and a lower top speed.


buy a YZF, flip frames, sell the WRF now in a YZF frame and call it a day.

How are you Linton I'm from Newcastle as well (Cardiff). Where do you ride? We ride up Sugarloaf and Stockton/redhead beach. Having a rego'd bike is great you can ride where you want and not have to worry about getting busted or sued in an acco!

hey aussie wr, i just moved to newi from east maitland... but ive been working in cardiff for a few months now.. i head out for a ride just about every weekend... went out to sugarloaf last weekend... but it was too wet to risk heading down the tracks.. as i was by myself and didnt know the area.. was just doing some scouting.. lately ive been exploring the areas around cameron park and edgeworth. its been very wet so ive just been keeping to open areas... nothing worse than cruising down a tight single track and getting stuck in a big mudhole or something like that.. will be heading out tomorrow... either on the kx if my mate is keen or on the wr if he isnt..

send me an email at nzm031@hotmail.com if you want to meet up.

Hi NZM, I know I have an '06 WR450 but the same basics apply;

1: Spend the $$ on a professional suspension setup for your weight.

2: Get some good tires. I use Motoz front & rear

3: Raise the forks in the triple clamps to help speed up the turning. You do get some headshake at speed though.

4: A good pipe. Don't bother with a header. I use a DRD.

5: Once that is done & you are still not happy with the power spend heaps more like I did on things such as Vortex CDI, Boyzen Quickshot, etc, etc.

But number one improvement was the suspension followed by a decent tire.

Cheers & enjoy your riding.

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